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Cheolwoo Park, M.Ed./Ed.S.

Cheolwoo Park is a graduate student pursuing his doctoral degree in Counseling and Counselor Education at the University of Florida. He earned his Masters of Education and Education Specialist, concentrating in Marriage and Family Counseling at the University of Florida. Cheolwoo is strongly interested in complex trauma, particularly relational and developmental trauma. Along with this interest, Cheolwoo has committed himself to studying the ways to address the impacts of developmental and relational trauma experiences on individuals’ diverse psychological challenges at individual and systemic levels. Additionally, Cheolwoo has clinical experience with diverse populations, from individuals to families/couples, to serve clients with various psychological challenges using diverse therapeutic approaches. Cheolwoo is honored and excited to serve on the IARTC Newsletter Editorial Team in the pursuit of the growth of the division and resilience in our society.

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