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Our turbulent times and the sustained interest of colleagues far and wide have convinced us to pursue Organization Affiliate (OA) Status as a precursor for a future new American Counseling Association Division dedicated to addressing trauma, building resilience, and advancing post-traumatic growth. The International Association of Resilience and Trauma Counseling (IARTC) was granted ACA Division Status on March 24, 2022. If you are interested in addressing trauma, advancing post-traumatic growth, and building resilience, please complete the associated one-question survey at this link—it will take about one minute to complete—we would love to have you as a founding member: 


IARTC wholly embraces the ACA Code of Ethics and advances the strategic goals and plans of the American Counseling Association (see: ACA Strategic Plan 2018-2021). It is dedicated to building the epistemology and practice knowledge regarding resilience and trauma through a global lens. Benefits of joining IARTC include a double-peer-reviewed Newsletter (issue 3 was 61 pages long), webinars, conferences, and opportunities to run for division leadership roles during elections. A future IARTC benefit will be a dedicated peer-reviewed journal--Trauma Counseling and Resilience.

Please contact IARTC President, Dr. Peggy Mayfield, at mayfield.peggyc@gmail.com

if you have any questions or have suggestions to share!  Also, please share the link widely throughout your networks.